Viruses and other malware are becoming prevalent nowadays and are highly engineered to prevent major anti-virus software to detect and remove them in time. Virus, Spyware & Malware removal is a complex task, and any mistakes like editing Windows Registry may damage your system and pose a greater risk to lose your data. Our experts are much experienced in this field of computer security. We specialize in virus, spyware and other malware removal. We can help you clean out all threats completely and safely.

1. Is your computer attacked by a virus or spyware? Cannot control your computer by yourself?
2. Google search be redirected to a strange website other than those you type into the address bar?
3. Your homepage keeps changing and the search results are full of ads or objectionable contents?
4. Malicious advertisements, pop up that didn't meet your needs?
5. Lots of unexpected toolbars and ActiveX Add-ons are added to your Internet browser without consents?
6. You keep prompting warning and error messages, claiming that your system is at high risk and have to buy the
   license of the so-called scamware (fake AVs) to remove the "detected infections"?
7. You watched your computer being destroyed by the virus or fake antispyware but could do nothing to save your computer?

We know how to isolate the problems and how to determine the success factor in any repair situation.